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Advanced Sanskrit Postal Course


The Advanced Postal Sanskrit Course is open to anyone interested in learning the language. Designed to facilitate learning through correspondence, the Course aims to impart to students an elementary knowledge of Sanskrit, using English as the medium of instruction. On successful completion of the course, students will be awarded a course completion certificate.


The course comprises 40 lessons to be covered at the rate of 2 lessons a month. Total duration of 20 months is required for the completion of the course. However, depending on the entry-level capability and aptitude of a student, the course plan can be modified to suit specific skill sets. Once the registration modalities have been completed, CIF will mail the lessons to the students by ordinary mail.

Each lesson contains a set of exercises, which students are expected to complete. The student is then required to mail his/her completed lesson for assessment by the Tutor.

Receipt of the next set of lessons by the student will depend on the speed of his response in sending back the answer sheets. Able and enthusiastic students can thus complete the course in shorter duration as well.


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  1. The duration of the Advanced Sanskrit Postal Course is 20 months.
  2. The course comprises of 40 Lessons (@ 2 lessons a month) and 40 Questionnaires.
  3. After your enrolment, you will be receiving 4 lessons and 4 questionnaires by courier/post.
  4. You have to send your answers for one questionnaire within 15 days from the date of receipt of lessons.
  5. After your answers are checked by the Course Tutor, the same will be returned to you for your observation along with the next set of 6 lessons. A score will also be assigned to your answers.
  6. Those who successfully complete the course will be given a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ of merit signed by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji, the Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide.  You could collect the ‘Course Completion Certificate’ either during our convocation program on Adi Sankara Jayanti day (around April – May every year) or opt for postal delivery. 



Please note: All Course Fees are non-refundable. We recommend you view the sample lessons provided in each Course before you register.


Course Title Course Fee (+ GST @ 18%)
Advanced Postal Sanskrit Course 4000.00 INR / US$ 125.00